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The law relating to trusts dates back to the time of the crusades in the 12th century.  
Fast forward to the present day where “trusts” are an integral part of today’s wealth management industry. Their use has developed exponentially since those far off days.

In its simplest form, a trust can still be employed by a wealthy individual or family to protect assets for the next generation. However the possibilities available today using underlying trust concepts are endless and can be used effectively by families and corporate bodies of any size.
With careful thought, trusts can be used for asset holding, succession planning and bespoke pension arrangements to cite just some examples. The possibilities are limitless – but so are the pitfalls and indeed consequences of getting it wrong.

At ianlebreton.com an initial discussion on individual circumstances could lead to the commissioning of a detailed report where required. Should a decision be taken to proceed, high level introductions can be made to one or more carefully selected trust providers.
By retaining ianlebreton.com at an early stage, clients benefit from the ability to exploit sound, in depth knowledge combined where necessary with input from third party specialists such as tax advisers, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.  

The option exists thereafter of arranging wholly independent, unbiased introductions to well respected trust providers from across the globe See Solutions

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