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“Once a plan has been agreed, a solution must be found”

The second reason for establishing ianlebreton.com was to assist clients in the execution of their agreed plan of action when establishing a trust or international company structure(s).

Clients may arrive at this point having first used ianlebreton.com Knowledge services but this is not obligatory. Clients may have a requirement for some independent consultancy on the best available options from trust and corporate service providers in the jurisdiction(s) chosen as part of their plan.

All trust companies and corporate service providers should be regulated in the jurisdictions in which they operate – assuming of course that such regulation exists in that country. As part of its work with clients, ianlebreton.com will be able to confirm a provider’s status.

This may include (but is not limited to) information on time of establishment, type and size of its business as well as meaningful introductions to appropriate personnel at the right level with the aim of crafting a solution meeting a clients’ needs and expectations.   

It may be that the client requires details on a choice of two or more providers before making a final decision (colloquially known in the industry as a “beauty parade”); ianlebreton.com benefits from many years experience of this type of work. lebreton.com benefits from many years experience of this type of

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