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“Knowing who to ask is only half the issue. It’s the knowing what to ask that is just as critical”

ianlebreton.com was established to provide totally independent, informed knowledge and expertise at the earliest possible opportunity for clients considering the establishment of trusts and international companies. Generally the firm would be engaged well before a decision has been taken on where to establish such a structure and in advance of identifying the trustee or company service provider.

Much of this expertise is provided by Ian Le Breton himself although where required, input will also be sought from trusted associates of the firm. This can be supplemented as necessary with even wider expertise available from other sources that may include input from tax and legal advisers, banks and other financial service providers.

Thus a client may simply wish to integrate the specific services of ianlebreton.com into their existing network of professional advisers. Alternatively, a suitably sourced panel may be created from scratch taking into account the client’s specific requirements, all of which can be managed and coordinated directly at ianlebreton.com

We continue to witness ever increasing complexity in the trust and international company world. This is due to individual regulation and requirements imposed by the wide range of jurisdictions available, together with the pressures imposed by supra national bodies such as the OECD, FATF and others.

Everyone involved in this area of business is well aware – and should be fully compliant with – the raft of legislation both local and international aimed at the global fight against money-laundering, tax evasion and so on.

Given Ian Le Breton’s long experience working at senior levels with fully regulated businesses, compliance with all such initiatives is a given. Clients who are not able or willing to comply with the new rules (for example relating to Common Reporting Standards) are not welcome.

However ianlebreton.com is able to advise on said requirements thus enabling clients to remain within both within the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

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