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Ian Le Breton is a Jerseyman and the principal behind ianlebreton.com

He has almost forty years relevant international experience in the financial services industry worldwide.

An Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, he is a French and Spanish speaker. Ian has worked in the Channel Islands, the UK, Spain, Gibraltar, Netherlands and The Bahamas. He has travelled extensively to a further 100 countries worldwide.

Ian’s clients benefit from his experience, knowledge and network of contacts worldwide. A more than twenty year banking career was followed by 15 years in senior positions at one of the world’s largest independent trust companies before he established his own business in 2019.


Generally an initial consultation of up to one hour is provided free of charge and with no obligation on either side. Thereafter fees will be agreed with a client that will normally be time-based.

Fees are bespoke and will take into account the nature of the consultancy required that may, for example, include the production of a written report or other form of feedback.

Ianlebreton.com is based in the UK although consultancy and follow up work can be provided worldwide. Where required, travelling expenses will be charged back to a client although all inclusive arrangements can be discussed if preferred. Details of fees charged will remain confidential.

ianlebreton.com prides itself on its flexibility in this area and potential clients benefit from bespoke arrangements. The following general criteria are used as a basis for further discussion but are not fixed nor exclusive.


Hourly £75 - £150 depending on nature and complexity of work undertaken

Daily rates from £400

Weekly rates from £1,250

Contact ian@ianlebreton.com +44 (0) 7966 155584